Thursday, December 16, 2004

I missed the recycle truck today.

Oh well. When it was 11 degrees last night and Letterman was already on, I just couldn't get my self out to the curb with the boxes and the trash. When I got out this morning with the trash can, the recycle truck was driving off in the distance. Too bad. I have a huge box of magazines, newspapers and various boxes. It's that time of year. Including the box from Proflowers from the stunning roses Jeff sent yesterday. That was a wonderful welcome moment. There are 2 dozen, red and white roses and baby's breath. There are slightly more red than white. I wondered why they didn't pack an equal amount. I suppose because white are more fragile. At least that's what I've heard. I hope they last a while. It was called the candy cane bouquet. I spend a long time trying to get them arranged really well inthe vase and I was very pleased with the results. I think some ever green would really add a holiday punch. So I may venture out with my scissors and cut some boughs to add to the vase. Then maybe I'll post a picture. Speaking of boxes, that box from Proflowers is an amazing work of engineering. It is one piece of cardboard. I know this because I have to flatten it to get it in the recycle bin. And there are tons of flaps and hinges and slots that create this sturdy box that holdthe flowers in one section and the vase in another and has a nice panel that you see when you open the box with all the care instructions. There is a new book out about constructing fabric boxes. Same idea I think. One well designed shape and seams and folding and stitching and you end up with a smart little container with a lid that hinges. Cool. Ah, one thing at a time.

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