Sunday, December 12, 2004

Gingerbread House Making

Claire decided to try one of the starlight peppermints. You know, with the red or green swirl in the center. She knows she does not like mint. So she tried one and then she got herself a cup of water to try to wash away the minty taste. Then I realized she still had the candy in her mouth. She was convinced she could just wash away the color and the minty taste would go with it and then the remaining white part of the candy would be a tasty treat. Not so much.

The houses went together really well. It was fun. I bought the ready made kit which came with tons of different pieces of candy for decoration. Claire was able to work the icing bag by herself and Benjamin directed me in squirting the icing then he stuck the candies on. He put all the red candies on one side of the roof. (Which of course, he called yellow.) And all the green pieces on the other side. Then he lost interest. But it is a totally cool house!

Claire is gaining lots more detail.

In progress pictures coming soon.

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