Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Another crescent moon...

You may remember this quilt Waning Crescent Meditation which was juried into the upcoming Dinner at Eight special exhibit, Reflections. I am very excited to see the whole in exhibit in Houston in just a few weeks.

Late this summer, I decided to make a companion quilt with the pieces which had been cut away to make the silhouette in Waning Crescent Meditation. Here is the body and the legs and just a few other inspiration fabrics.

Eventually, I pulled together these fabrics and a composition that had potential. I had the original hanging right night to my design wall for inspiration.

Here I'm refining the pieces and I've added the central focus element... a ladder. In the original piece, there is a tree is the silhouette.

Adding details. I played around for days with the placement of those flowers. Really, days. You can see I also changed the striped fabric from a hillside to a wavy horizon line.

Choosing thread for free motion quilting.

This is actually a shot from the task of squaring up the quilt. It had to be 24x60 in order to match the original piece. You can see I used a chalk pencil, pins and a laser level. You can't see that I also used both a measuring tape and a large ruler. It's a tedious process that has to be done right.

And here is the finished piece. It's titled Waxing Crescent Endeavor.

Not the greatest picture. I haven't taken a good shot with a good camera in good light.

Here you can see the free motion quilting and some hand embroidery.

More embroidery and quilting. Plus, you can see the handwriting scattered across the background within some of the purple circles.

Here they are side by side. I am thrilled with these pieces! I enjoyed the whole process including exploring some new symbolism in my work.


Dianne said...

Fantastic pieces. I love the little hand embroidered squares and the way you combine the free motion with hand embroidery, something which I also love to do.

Rebecca said...

I can see why you wanted to make another; they're wonderful. Good symbolism play!

Lorie McCown said...

I love them. They are really powerful side by side. Good work!

Vivien Zepf said...

Very nice, Deborah! A strong pair!

Jeanne Marklin said...

Looks like the start of a very successful series. They are thought provoking!

Dee Spillane said...

Deb, beautiful! I love both of them. You consistently inspire with your ideas and volume of work. Love following you.