Saturday, March 08, 2014

Me and My Friends at the Dallas Quilt Show

I had a great time at the Dallas Quilt Show today. I've slapped a bunch of snapshots here into the blog post -- mostly of quilts made by me and my friends. Later I'll share some other quilts that caught my eye.

Here's my quilt Plentiful that I created as a sample for my Quilting Arts workshop dvd. I really love this small quilt... I entered it because it was one of the only pieces I had that fit the size requirements for the small quilt category.

Here's Blue Chair Mantra which has been seen hanging several places of late. It got an Honorable Mention in the Art Quilt catagory.

Here's Grow Abundant which has been rejected from several shows, but won a third place ribbon in Art Quilts. Hooray!

My friend Heather Pregger's Tuning Fork 12 won second place in Art Quilts.

My friend Lu Peters, who makes stunning garments, won first in the Garment category for her piece titled "Hiding in Plain Sight: The Cloak of Invisibility."
She calls it "couture camouflage." It's both brilliant conceptually and technically.

My friend Tonya was the featured quilter at the show and gave an excellent lecture.

Carol Morrisey's Spider Lillies are amazing! They won a Judges Choice ribbon (but nothing in the Pictorial category, which I may discuss more later. Or maybe not.)

Robin Williamson created this fabulous pieced quilt she titled Voldemort, because it originally refused to be named.

At the Dallas Show they hang the quilt info and artist statement from a ribbon pinned to the quilt. Above you see how the quilt looks at the show. And below I've tucked the sign behind the quilt so you can see the black and white section of Robin's quilt.

It really looks entirely different when you don't hide the black and white section, right? I really dislike how those signs hang over the quilt. I mentioned to someone when I was helping hang the show on Wednesday and I got my head bit off. I should have asked someone to take a picture of me without my head.

Sherrie Tootle won third in Art Quilts! Our small art quilt group, The Twisted Stitchers, issued a challenge for everyone to create a quilt with red in it. This is Sherrie's red contribution.

Here is Barbara Oliver Hartman's red quilt.

And here's Tonya Littman's red quilt.

With a sheer overlay of a horse for the Year of the Horse.

Another small art quilt group I belong too created a multi-piece collaborative work see in the background here. I was taking a tour of the show led by Marian Ann Montgomery. She highlighted this piece as a unique entry in the group quilt category.

Here's a wide shot of Tonya's special exhibit as the featured quilter at the show.

There were so many more quilts and more friends. It was a super fun day.

I came home eager to get to work on some new art quilts!


Mystic Quilter said...

Beautiful display!

Diane Doran said...

Looks like lots of fun and a wonderful show. Congratulations on your ribbons!

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Thanks for sharing all these photos..

Charlotte Scott said...

Looks like a great show.
I have to agree with you about the ribbons. They can distract from the whole quilt and it's a shame your suggestion was taken as a criticism rather than a constructive comment.

Candy said...

Totally agree with you about where the ribbons hang. It looks like it would be easy to put them to the side on the drapes. Candy