Friday, April 13, 2012

STITCHED Student Work

I've been utterly thrilled to see the work that students have created from my STITCHED video workshop! My workshop is titled Branches, Buds and Blossoms: A Botanical Fabric Collage. (I like alliteration. Who doesn't?!)

Here is Nancy Roberts collage. I love the brown and yellow color palate. She really embraced the painting, layering and stitching that I discussed in the video workshop segments. She also used one of my stencil patterns for the branch!

Here is Jody's piece. I love how she tied all the elements together with various embellishments and stitching.
It's been such a pleasure to share my thoughts about creativity and the process of creating art on STITCHED. I'm discovering more and more how much I enjoy teaching and encouraging others to explore their creative spirits. You can check out all the info about STITCHED on Alma's blog. Seriously, there is so much good stuff!

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