Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Bits

We had a lovely Easter.

Egg dying.

Nearly every year I attempt a rainbow egg. I was really pleased with this one.

This turned into lots of egg salad the next day. Yum.

When I was in Philadelphia with Vivien and Natalya, we discussed Easter traditions from our childhoods. Easter is big celebration in Natalya's Russian Orthodox family. I couldn't come up with many "traditions" from my childhood. Of course, there was egg dying and hunting and a basket filled with goodies (usually a Raggedy Ann book). I suppose those are traditions, but they aren't really unique. Which is fine, of course. I didn't grow up anywhere near extended family, so it was usually just the four of us and -- for some reason -- that makes it seem more like a normal day and a holiday. It's a bit the same for us now, just me and Jeff and the kids. I do remember my mom making hot crossed buns at Easter so I decided to make some for my family. Don't they look good?
No one really liked them. On the day after Easter I warmed up a couple for my breakfast. I spread some lemon curd on them and they were delicious. The rest sat on the counter for another day, then they went in the trash. Oh well.

Another thing I remember from my childhood is a butter lamb that someone in our church gave us every year. I think I've seen butter lambs in the grocery store in the past, but I didn't see any this year. Maybe I try that as a new tradition next year rather than the hot crossed buns. Because, really... how can you go wrong with butter?


Rayna said...

I hate when that happens: you bake and nobody likes it:-(. Bah! I had that with the chocolate cheesecake I made for Passover. It sits in the fridge now; when it turns green, I will throw it out. Sigh...

Love that striped egg!

momma helen said...

I've not been a big hot crossed buns fan either. But I like the idea. Maybe next year I'll try hot crossed scones. mmm...