Thursday, March 15, 2012

White Board

As I was preparing for my trip to Cleveland to shoot segments for Quilting Arts tv, I made lots of notes on the white board in my studio.
Top left is my shopping list. Don't you wish you could get freezer paper at the craft store rather than making a separate trip to the grocery store?

Also on the left is a grid showing art I needed to create as examples for various techniques and step-outs I needed to prepare. I think it made me feel good to write out that grid, but I didn't really use it.

In the center are some notes for a Layered Landscape Collage workshop I taught last month. I had to prepare kits so I was making notes about measurements and all the different fabrics that needed to be included.

The green list on the top right are all the places Jeff and I have lived. I think I was considering that for our Map theme at 12x12. You can see I misplaced Jacksonville and Coronado. There have been so many, it's easy to get confused.

Here is the same white board a few weeks later. Apparently, I did some shopping. I also added "crazy tights" to the list which Claire needed for the musical she is in. (I didn't find any crazy tights. We substituted crazy knee highs.)
It seems like I made some progress on my step-outs and found a way to use one sample for two different things -- that's the green arrow across the bottom half.

I kept the info about the workshop even after the workshop was past because I'd really like to turn this into an online workshop. (If you'd like to know more about that, sign up for my e-newsletter at the top right side column of this blog.)

I was listening to an interview with Seth Apter on Ricë Freeman Zachary's podcast and he mentioned that he is going to be in DC for a book signing event, so I had to jot that down as soon as I heard it. (In green at the top right.)

I squeezed in another bulleted "to do list" with various items crossed off.

I've since erased everything except the Layered Landscape Collage notes. And I'm ready to start some new projects.


Linda B. said...

Sometimes it's the obvious that you overlook! Thanks for posting this pic. of your whiteboard.
I have 'to do' lists aplenty but until I saw this post I had no overview and couldn't quite capture my progress. Hopefully now that I have a large sheet of lining paper on the wall I will!

Candied Fabrics said...

Ah - doesn't it feel good to get stuff out of your head and have a visual reminder of what you need to do? And then CROSSING IT OFF when it's DONE - hooray! :-)

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

LOVE crossing stuff off the 'to do' list! Neat to see your board, I think I need a bigger one for my studio...