Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue Chair Mantra

I am so delighted to share this art quilt with you. I finished it last week and I'm just thrilled with the results. What a great feeling... to finish a piece and have it (mostly) turn out the way I had hoped and envisioned. This does not always happen.

 Blue Chair Mantra, 60x24"

It was created as my entry for a invitational juried show. (You may have seen several other art quilters sharing their pieces for this same show.) I've submitted my entry and I would be thrilled to be included in the exhibit which will premier at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach and continue to other IQA shows.

You may remember I was working on the stones in this earlier blog post. I love the way the StencilGirl image coordinated with other elements of the quilt. You see my beloved Y stitch in the image below too.

Here is a detail from the top of the quilt. There are nine houses sitting on that hillside. They loosely represent the nine homes Jeff and I have shared in our 20 years of marriage.

In the early stages of creating this quilt, there was a big dead space in the mid to upper left.  I debated several options about how to fill that space. I felt it was a bit risky and unexpected to add this floral motif with a tulle overlay, but I went for it and I think it works. It involved lots of pattern making, stitching, careful cutting and peeling away teensy tiny bits of tracing paper. I love how you can see the green viney image through the tulle.

I lifted the floral shape from this bit of yellow fabric that fills part of the sky. Handwriting, frayed edges, hand embroidery and a stitched sheltering arch -- some of my favorite elements.

The chair is made up of a few different blue fabrics. Here you can see the maroon French knots at each little bud on the vine image. Plus the same floral image stitched without the tulle overlay to add dimension and texture.
For me, a chair represents the idea of waiting for clarity when I'm seeking enlightenment or the answer to a question. When I sit still, I can absorb all that is around me. Being restful doesn't mean I am idle, but rather active and intentionally engaged. I think it's important to repeat this process regularly in small and large ways. Repeated... like a mantra.


Diane Perin said...

How beautiful, Deborah! As usual you have incorporated your personal symbols so well, and there are so many lovely details to look at. I love the floral overlays done so surly, and how they tie into that yellow floral swatch in the background. Just beautiful!

MB Shaw said...

Absolutely magnificent! I wish you the best with the jury and if it were up to me, you would be in for sure.

letterlady said...

Thanks to Mary Beth Shaw for introducing me to your work via her blog. I love this piece! So much detail, all with meaning. I love the way you pulled the floral shape from the yellow sky fabric.

Kristin L said...

It turned out lovely. I really enjoy discovering all the wonderful little details you've added. My fingers are crossed for you. :-)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

It has clearly been TOO LONG since I read blogs.... LOVE the way this turned out. Don't know if you changed the blue fabric on the top of the chair or if it was adding things on top or photography or what, but the color transition is so much improved...before in progress it seemed abrupt. I LOVE that the houses on the hill are the ones where you lived. I should count up how many places Paul and I have lived, tho that would be scary.

AND LUCKY YOU to just head to Philly...of course, from Maryland it's not such a huge deal...just a few hours in the car! One of these years I'll go to the SAQA conference, too!

Well done with the quilt, hugs, Sarah