Monday, December 12, 2011

STITCHED Teaser and Give-Away!

Don't forget to register for STITCHED!  Here's a teaser video I created for my workshop. Enjoy!
Who doesn't love fabric, paint, stitching and collage!?

What is STITCHED ?! It's an online collection of 20 video workshops by 20 talented fabric artists. Students have access to all 20 workshops thoughout 2012! Each workshop includes several video segments, pdf supplementary materials, a discussion board with the instructor and opportunity to share and interact with other students. And you can participate any time day or night any day of the week. It's a great deal at only $89! Full list of workshops and registration info is here.

I'm so excited to share this project that I've compiled a package of inspiring items that could be used in the workshop (or in any collage project)! Each package includes a color coordinated collection of goodies including a vintage hankie, a few pieces of fabric, cheese cloth, sheer ribbon, embroidery floss, one of my very favorite embroidery needles and a spouncer (my favorite tool for stenciling)! I had tons of fun gathering all these inspiring items.

I'll send a package to the first 10 people who register for STITCHED  through the links here on my blog by December 20. (Gotta get your shopping done before Christmas Day, right?) That link will take you to Alma's blog which includes all the info about STITCHED plus a registration button.

If you've already registered for STITCHED  through my blog, thanks so much -- you'll get one of the packages, of course! Through the magic of technology, the STITCHED coordinator (the amazing Alma Stoller), will send send me the names and addresses of those who register through me. And I'll send out the kits straight away so you'll have them in time for the workshops kick off on January 1!


Nikki said...

I love the little teaser video. I'm excited for January when I can do everyone's workshops!

Jane LaFazio said...

what a cool little video. LOVE your work! (and I cherish the vintage hankies you sent me.) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I had heard about this recently but seeing your project convinced me to join. So I linked through the sidebar on your blog to Alma's site and registered.
I hope I make the first 10 and get a kit which looks fabulous(and hope you can send it to Canada)!Thanks.

Els said...

I love your stitching, it's very inspiring. thanks for charing it again and again ;-)

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

oh you're such a tease! great video!

Colleen Kole said...

Fun- did it. The temptation has been too much!

cherie craighead said...

Your stitching is beautiful. I love DMC embroidery floss too

Kukum Quilts said...

I'm so excited. I just registered for Stitched and am so looking forward to it. By then my new studio will be up and running and I can just proceed with all the enthusiasm that you inspire in me! I'm also excited to be eligible for the give away . Hopefully it's not too difficult to send to Canada...we are certainly in the frozen north these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah: I just received your kit package in the mail- a beautiful selection of goodies ready to be played with! Can't wait until it is your project in the Stitched workshops.