Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time with the Twelves

I enjoyed every moment of my time with the other Twelves in Houston and missed Helen, Kirsty and Francoise so very much!

Each and every one of them are exactly who I imagined them to be! There was not a single moment of awkwardness. I felt a bit weepy when I first strolled into our exhibit and I could see Kristin, Brenda, Diane and Karen rising to greet me on Thursday morning. There were many more hugs exchanged throughout the weekend...

...and glasses raised to toast our time together!
That's a margarita with a sangria swirl at Ninfas. Wow... one of the best drinks ever!

Walking from the convention center to our hotel. The area around the convention center has changed so much in the last five years. It's really nice!
Gathering in the hotel lobby after dinner.
Gerrie reading aloud Facebook comments and emails from the missing Twelves.

We thought we might attend Gala on the Green, but tickets were sold out. We went out for Italian together instead and didn't spend a single moment wondering what we might be missing with the crowds of quilters eating bbq and dancing.

We gathered from breakfast every morning. Gerrie smiles so easily!
I have more pictures of various Twelves talking with their hands, looking serious, laughing, hugging, taking pictures, and milling about our exhibit. But, the pictures aren't that great and not really very interesting. To really tell our story in pictures, I would need a much better camera and more patience. But, then I would have spent more time behind the camera rather than in the moment with my friends.


Gerrie said...

Love those pics of me doing what I do! I so enjoyed my time with you. Hope we have another opportunity, soon!

Terry Grant said...

Loved our time together! My pictures were not great either and I know it was because I just wanted to be there and spend the time and not worry so much about what my husband calls "blog fodder."

Kristin L said...

You are so right about the pictures! I think we were all enjoying each others' company way too much to bother trying to take interesting photos!

And I've been wanting another one of those margaritas ever since I got home. Yummmmy!

Gerrie said...

I swear I left a comment on here this morning!! Wanted to say how much I enjoyed spending time with you. I have waited so long to meet you., Hope it happens again, sooner. I love the pics you took of me doing what I do!!. I am stealing one for my new profile pic.