Wednesday, November 09, 2011

12x12 Exhibit in Houston

Seeing all of the 12x12 quilts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past weekend was such a THRILL!
Many of the other twelves have blogged about the event over the past few days. We're all still filled with such joy and excitement.
I think this is my first shot of the twelves. Brenda, Karen and Diane arrived on Wednesday evening and Kristin and I arrived on Thursday morning, so we were the first to see our space -- and each other!
We had several materials on our table which drew visitors in and helped us explain our four-year-long project.
The mosaics looked great on the felt panels that Terry and Gerrie designed and constructed. The spacing between the mosaics made for easy viewing by lots of folks. The artists statements were read by a surprising number of people.
We took lots of photos!
Nikki and Kristin smiling!
We all spent time strolling through the exhibit answering questions and giving improptu presentations. People love listening to Brenda talk about the project. She's so enthusiastic -- and her accent is so lovely!
At the end of each day, all nine of us (plus paper images of Helen, Kirsty and Francoise) gathered in the exhibit space to sign books and talk with viewers. Quite often they wanted us to pose for a picture. Those green ribbons say "See My Quilt in Special Exhibits."
Of course, we were all delighted to be together for this event, but I think it was also a big added bonus for the people who viewed the exhibit. They could ask questions, get additional insight and suggestions about doing a similar challenge. Plus, I think everyone could sense how much we enjoy each other. We are truly wonderful friends and we honor the experience of creating art together.

Here is the Blue/Brown/Sage theme from the colors I chose. After studying the quilts in online images for the past four years, it was fantastic to see them "in the cloth."


Karoda said...

I love the sistah-hood of all this creativity!

How were the quilts hung?

Kate said...

Aaaah, the power of a group of women. I am envious of you all, and of the visitors to the special exhibits who got to witness that great energy. Congratulations to all of you.

Diane Doran said...

Congrats to all of you - what a wonderful accomplishment and priceless memories.

Rachel Parris said...

As you know, I was amazed by the was everyone who saw it. I especially liked that you kept the layout consistent for each panel. I think this really added a lot. Way to go, Twelves.

Sue Reno said...

Such an wonderful accomplishment, I'm so happy for all of you! Thanks for the report.

Joanne S said...

When I ran into my old quilting friend at the grocery yesterday she was just returning from Houston. I asked about the 12 by 12 and she said she LOVED the exhibit. In fact, she loved the entire Houston experience.

As a Friend of 12 by 12, I congratulate all of you. It was, indeed, a wondrous experience for four years.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

fabulous!! congratulations! sisterhood rocks!

Jules Rushing said...

The exhibit was wonderful and I enjoyed getting to see all the 12x12's! BUT!!! I missed seeing you! I went by the booth a few times and you weren't there, maybe next time my friend!
Miss you!