Friday, January 14, 2011

Garden Letters

It's so fun to revisit older art quilts, don't you think? I was delighted to receive a "contributors copy" of Artists' Cafe in the mail a few weeks ago. I thought, "Gee! I don't remember contributing. Hmmmm." I was delighted to find my quilt, Garden Letters, published in the new issue.
Artists' Cafe is a collection of pieces previously published in Somerset Studio. It's really an excellent magazine full of inspiration, variety and ART! I am honored to be included on its pages. You really must find a copy at your local book store.
This little quilt includes many of the same symbols, shapes and techniques that I still use quite regularly in my work. I made it in 2007 and it was published in Somerset Studio in Jan of 2008.
This new publication prompted me to put the quilt up in my Etsy shop and it flew off the shelves the next day! So exciting. It is such an honor to know that someone liked my work and was eager to have it in her home.
I have added a few other art quilts to my shop. I'll post about them later this week, but you can see all the details in the shop.


Kristin L said...

What a fun surprise!
Its wonderful to see your work have a life of it's own. I hope that more of your pieces have a chance to travel as much or more -- be it physically, virtually, or in the pages of more magazines. :-)

Gerrie said...

that is a happy, summery, warm and fresh little quilt. I am not surprised that it flew away!

Milena Radeva said...

You manage to get wonderful color and texture combinations. Quite unique.