Monday, January 17, 2011

Flash Back

Apparently I set up this post in draft mode back in December. I'm just getting around to uploading it. Anyway, a bit more Christmas cheer for all of us!

We do gingerbread houses every year. I buy the kit from Michaels and it's always fun. One of these years, I should buy one for myself too.

Here is Claire in 2006 (or 2007).

And here is 2010.
She's really great, isn't she?! So witty and steady and smart and curious and creative. She's just slipping into middle school silliness which means she says things like, "OMG!" and yells out random words for no reason and then cracks herself up.

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Kristin L said...

It's amazing how much they grow up in so few years as they enter that preteen stage. Zavi is honing his sense of humor too -- his is leaning to the dry side. It would be funny to get these two together and see what happens.