Thursday, July 08, 2010


For the past few years, we've been traveling on the 4th of July so we've missed traditional neighborhood celebrations. This year, we visited Grma and Grpa in Illinois and stopped by a roadside fireworks stand. Benjamin was beside himself. Since fireworks of this sort are not legal in Texas, it was a new experience.

We totally got sucked into the pricey combo pack and some additional little items.
Here are Jeff and Uncle Bill preparing for the show. Notice the bucket (waste basket) of water in the background. Safety first!
All the family, plus a couple of wandering neighborhood kids. The more the merrier!
We started with sparklers!
It was a beautiful evening. Great fun.
I think backyard fireworks shows can be more fun than super-sized public displays. We laughed as the small tanks battled, grumbled when various items just popped rather than doing anything interesting and were easily impressed by fountains that included more than one color sparks!


Kristin L said...

People go nuts for fireworks here, so I can totally understand getting sucked into the combo pack. Our favorite antic so far -- taping smoke bombs to a remote controlled car and driving up and down the street!

momma helen said...

When we're in Kansas, we always go buy a bunch of things on the first day they're legal, then test them all out and remember our favorites.
Then the next two days, we go back and buy more more more.
It works especially well when there are indulgent aunts and uncles in the mix!