Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've just finished the first run of a new little zine called "Shape." It explores images, ideas and creative living.
Maybe you've noticed lots of silhouettes and negative shapes in my work lately. I love these shapes and the techniques I use to create them because it's such a fun way to incorporate a recognizable design element, but also because shapes automatically convey messages. These messages can be clues to what the art is about or they can be prompts to think about new ideas.
Ten copies of the zine are on their way to Alma for her annual zine swap. It was such a great swap last year and I can hardly wait to see what arrives in my mail box in return. Last year, I created a zine called "Personal Symbols." Here is a blog post about the zines I received last year.

This year, I created an original painting for the cover of each zine. Each cover incorporates one of the shapes from the zine. I used freezer paper stencils. In fact, there is a brief tutorial for freezer paper stencils in the zine.

I was able to use those stencils four times before they were just too fragile. Isn't that amazing?!Japanese stab binding worked great and I loved adding another dash of color with embroidery floss in the binding.
A few copies are available in my Etsy shop. More coming soon.

The shape of things to come....

*** The zines are sold out for the moment. Please email me if you'd like a special early notification when I restock. (Email link is on the upper left under my profile picture and info.) Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!


Connie Akers said...

Great creative fun. Why am I not surprised?

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful little books. Love them.

Julie Bagamary said...

These are cute.