Sunday, November 15, 2009


When I was in the Maine, the Frayed Edges spent lots of time creating little things including this felt pomander.
Isn't it pretty? We used Betz White's tutorial. So easy! Hannah has an amazing stash of upcycled felted wool sweaters, so we had lots of materials and colors to work with.

I was the lucky recipient of a few magazines and a book that were happily passed on by others who had finished reading them. I love the eye candy and thoughtful words in Artful Blogging. Selvedge is stunning! And Creative Time and Space by Rice Freeman-Zachery was totally on my wish list! My wish came true!

There's the pomander again. Plus a lovely bit of batik and a beautiful tree-of-life charm from Sarah. We also wove magazine page coasters using How About Orange's tutorial. That's the brown thing above the pomander.

Hannah and I stopped a lovely little shop in Wiscasset with several lovely items imported from Thailand. It was called Intarawut. I bought a yard of this amazing batik -- it's on a burlap-like base and I love it. Also a decorative bowl made from a coconut and a sweet little embroidery ornament with a tiny bell.Good stuff.

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Kristin L said...

Good stuff for sure!! I especially like the Tai batik and the felt pomander.