Monday, February 16, 2009


I've been thinking random thoughts as I've been quilting the fourth grade quilts.

Best thing about my sewing machine extension table? All the clutter I can hide under it.
(It's true. I like Coates and Clark.)

I like quilting leaf shapes.
I also like quilting swirl shapes. They are perfect for jungle vines, ponds, clouds and even windy sky backgrounds. Oh, and butterfly antennae, of course.

I really must do a sample collection of various batts combined with various fusible webs. The quilts are puckery and I'm not happy about it. So it goes.

I love Pandora radio. I usually love podcasts, but I can't listen to them while quilting because the machine is too loud. Music is better for general background interest.

Several of you asked about size. Most of the quilts are 20x30ish, I think. I haven't measured, but I will before I send them off. I'll post pictures of all five at once and include sizes. Soon, hopefully!

I am eager to finish the quilts and move on to working on the mushroom swap I signed up for.


Terry Grant said...

Your sewing machine area looks just like mine--the clear table thingie has all kinds of spools and scissors and such under it. I like Coats and Clarks too. There, I've said it! I especially like their new spool design.

Unknown said...

My table (Janome) is even better - it is solid plastic so you can't even see the mess that gets shoved under there! Not keen on Coats and Clarke myself. More a Superiour Threads girl

sharon said...

i love the idea of this project !!!! thanks for all the info & pics on your blog!

Anonymous said...


I love what you are doing with your daughter's class.

AND I to love Coats and Clark thread. The new spool is wonderful.

I do need to get an extension table for my machine. AND I wish I could free motion quilt like you. My thread gets all jumbled when I try.

Any suggestions?

Heather B.

Anonymous said...

I love Coats and Clark too! I see nothing wrong with that! I also love Pandora. I found it by accident one day and now go there everyday. I love your work! So much Fun!!