Friday, February 13, 2009


I was hoping to get a bunch of quilting done today. It's not going as smoothly as I hoped.

I feel like a penguin trying to swim just fast enough to escape a shark.
I didn't plan very well and began quilting a motif on one of the fourth grade quilts and now it will have to be "unsewn." (Not the one above. Remember there are five!) I'll save that task to do while watching tv later this weekend.

I also broke one of my free-motion feet. Luckily I have two. That sent me on a internet surfing spree looking for a replacement foot and wondering if I need an entirely new machine.

Then as I was quilting the under water scene in the above quilt, I pushed the quilt back and it knocked a box of sequins off the table. Um, yes, mess.

So, I'm taking a break to blog and regroup. Sigh.


Ricë said...

oooh. so sorry. hope something good comes of this. if not? wine and a good book until tomorrow--that's my RX.

Carmen Rose said...

I have a friend who is adorable, if she doesn't like her day she has a nap and then gets up and starts over like it was a whole new day, shower and all!

Kristin L said...

I love Carmen Rose's suggestion! I agree, blog, have some chocolate, lay down. It will all be better in no time. BTW, that penguin is absolutely the cutest!

Lucy said...

I can't wait to see ALL the quilts!

Anonymous said...

Theose quilts look cool!
:) emily

Amy said...

Sigh, one of those days. I was going to suggest a reboot...I like the idea of a nap. My reboot is to leave the house, even if it's for a walk to the park and back. Also? Be glad there are no tiny hands flitting about to "help" with things. While I absolutely adore my tiny hands, I could do without all the help ;).