Saturday, September 22, 2007


I had a great morning shopping with Becky yesterday. She directed us to Golden D'Or fabrics. Yowza. I'd heard about the whole "Harry Hines Boulevard" area, but I'd never been there. If I ever need an imported hand bag or belt, I'll know where to go.
Golden D'Or is a warehouse style place with a little bit of everything. Actually, there is A LOT of everything. Divine bridal stuff, fleece in every obnoxious pattern you can image, all kinds of home dec stuff and a big bargain room where we spent most of our time.

Here's what came home with me. At the top you can see a navy blue slightly stiff sheer fabric. And in the middle is a striped sheer. Then you see a wonderful blue woven ribbon with a tree motif. (I almost didn't buy it, but Becky convinced me that would be a mistake. She was right. $2 a yard.) And at the bottom are white and light yellow ribbon-like pieces with embroidered circles. (Dandelions?)

You can also see my new Sharpies in the top right corner. I bought that set when all the back-to-school stuff went on sale at Target. (Though I didn't find the cute little alphabet stamps that Rice scored! Boo hoo.)

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have passed up the trees or the circles either!