Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yesterday, while I was upstairs helping the kids get ready for school, I heard an odd sound from downstairs. I said to Benjamin, "I hope that's not the coffee maker." I took time to put a few more things in order before I headed back down to the kitchen. Mistake.

Before I went upstairs, I filled the tank up with water. I put in the filter and the grounds. I closed the lid. I pressed "start." I did not put the pot back under the drip. Usually, if you just pull the pot out from under the drip while the coffee is brewing, it seals the opening for the time it takes you to pour a quick cup. But, if it remains sealed because the pot was never there in the first place... it fills up in the filter area and spills over the edges -- coffee, grounds and all. And all the way down the counter. Mess.
Not that big a deal. I was able to sop it up with a few towels. Unfortunately, we have run out of laundry soap, so the laundry room smells like towels soaked with coffee -- because in fact, the laundry room is full of towels soaked with coffee.

I leave you with this lovely image which I would have preferred to see on my counter.
You can see more "latte art" on this Flickr page. Wow.


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

I just hate it when this happens...and it's usually so early in the morning. It always seems like it takes about 3 days to find all the coffee grounds hiding inside the machine.

Carrie said...

Well what a pain!
I've done that before. I've also filled the coffee pot up with water, put the grounds in the basket, turned it on and then realized that I never poured the water IN the coffee maker. I just end up with a pot full of hot water. Not as messy, but annoying nonetheless! LOL
Hope you have a great weekend!
God bless :)

Gerrie said...

I can't tell you how many times I have done this! Argh!

Diane said...

Deborah, it's so funny that you posted this picture. I'm in a small journal quilt group and our theme this month is "coffee and cream" ... so I'd been looking at latte art myself! I even stumbled on a Food Channel show one night broadcasting the barista championships for latte art! Who knew?!