Friday, September 28, 2007


We had a lovely visit to the Dallas Arboretum last weekend. It was the kick off of their autumn displays including this amazing pumpkin house. Isn't it fantastic!?I always love the crepe myrtle alley. It's beautiful in every season. The blooms are mostly fading, but you can still see some at the top. And how about this little green and orange scene? Inspiring.


Unknown said...

the pumpkin house is so cool! it looks so fall like, the fact that it is probably 95 degrees is not evident in the photos. ^_^

I think halloween in tx is so hard when your freshly carved pumpkin starts to mold and caves in, in less than two days.

I keep waiting for it to cool off here in the north. we are having lovely 70's and 80's but I am ready to feel that snap in the air and wear my sweater.

hey will I see you in houston? I am going wed-fri. then back to chicago to go to SOFA with Julie U and Vickie H on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are amazing. I just love the Crepe Myrtle Alley. I love fall except that it means winter is looming.

Sonji Hunt said...

Those arching trees are inspirational. Hope to see them in something...yours or mine! HA.

kathy said...

you must have had a lovely fall day with so many treats for the eyes around every corner and your family to enjoy it with!