Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Projects

I got some great news a couple of weeks ago. I submitted three project proposals to Lark publishing company for their upcoming "Quilting with Beads" book. The editor contacted each of the Frayed Edges personally after our profile in Quilting Arts magazine. We all submitted proposals. (Except Hannah who was on her way to China and preparing to welcome their fourth daughter. Understandably, she was too busy!) All three of my proposals were accepted and the book will be full of art from the Frayed Edges! How exciting.

I'm working on Encrusted Cobblestones now.

It's very much like the original Encrusted Cobblestones that I used in the proposal, but since I must include several "in progress" photos for the book, I really had to make it again. It will be embellished with lots of different kinds of washers. Why go to the bead store, when you can go to the hardware store?

More on the other two projects soon. Everything is due May 21, which is very very very soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What a super opportunity for you :-)

Sonji Hunt said...

As always, I'm proud of your ability to inspire others with your tutorials and publications, Deborah! Congratulations, again.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!