Friday, February 23, 2007

Swappy Goodness

I can hardly believe February is almost over. Here is a bit of left over Valentine spirit from the ATC swap I participated in.
Somewhat clockwise starting at upper left: A candy bar all jazzed up in beautiful paper. Some red red red roving, confetti and other goodies from Kristin. Three of Hearts from FrouFrouSueSue. The whimsical wire heart and the springy fabric corsage from Regina. Red crocheted corsage also from Sue. "All My Love" atc from Susan. Felted heart on vintage lace also from Kristin. (Yowza! She's got a way with the wool!) And the beautiful sheet feather atc with the pocket of verse from Sonya. She also made the tiny matchbox treasure with the tiny feather inside. You can see a close up here. There were goodies from Amy too. She hosted the swap. I think they were wisked away for some project and missed the photo shoot.

Looking forward to a relaxed family weekend: soccer, brownies and ice cream, pizza, shopping for Benjamin's birthday party (Spiderman pinata, anyone?), brunch after church, getting through some of my stack of books and magazines, brownies and ice cream, walks with the dog, studio time, finishing Emily Windsnap and the Monster of the Deep with Claire, fast forwarding through the Oscars on Tivo, etc.

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