Monday, February 26, 2007

Love Letters

More Valentine artiness.
This is a little quilt I fused up and free motion quilted to explore some new quilting motifs inspired by Marcia Derse's delicious hand dyed fabrics. It's just about 9 inches squarish. When I finished I realized I had the classic X and Os -- hugs and kisses, or is it kisses and hugs? Plus this subtle line of loops which might be considered somewhat like handwriting. I gave the little quilt to Jeff for Valentine's Day. In the very early years of our friendship Jeff and I wrote tons and tons of letters. We were teenages and lived in different states. This was way before email or free long distance calls on your cell phone. This little quilt made me think of those times and the big boxes of cards and letters we have stowed away in our closet.

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momma helen said...

Have you seen the previous issue of Cloth Paper Sisscors? It's got a great letter quilt. (She used the actual letters--I think I wouldn't be that brave and would scan them onto fabric). Someday making a quilt from your favorite courting letters (or pieces of them?) could be really awesome!