Monday, June 12, 2006

Asian Inspired

Remember I said I'd post more pictures from the Japanese Gardens at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens? Here are the pictures I took of the many little "temples" along the water.

in a bed of ivy...

The kids loved these guys.

Love the repetition of shape and line here.

Isn't that background luscious?

Does anyone live in that little hole?


Micki said...

These are great Deborah. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Gerrie said...

Mr C always points out to me that Japanese gardens have very little color from flowers. The little statuary and green plants, stones and sandy areas provide the design. I have always enjoyed visiting them. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

It is all lucious. And Mr. C is right, tho I never thought about it....there is just something about the cleanness of crisp greens and white.....


terri said...

Love the monkey picture !!!!It was the favorite in our household. Sounds like you guys are really enjoying Texas. Thanks for sharing all your adventures.
Love to see more pictures of the house!
The Egglestons