Friday, March 24, 2006

More pictures

Wanna come visit? I'd love to have you over for dinner. That's our green dining room, where we'll be eating. Unless, of course, we just order pizza in which case we'll probably be...

... standing at the counter here in our green kitchen. It's a couple of shades lighter than the dining room.

Yesterday they did tile including this back splash. I love it. (I'm a bit worried it's rather dark. I think the light-ish wall color and the light cabinets balance it out, though.)

Here's the entry way and little Benjamin. You'll notice he is wearing a jacket! It's been in the 30s in the mornings. Wassupwidat?

And since we're on the green theme, here's a picture from St. Patrick's Day.


kathy said...

So nice to see your happy faces!!! And all dressed in Benjamins favorite color. Your house is fabulous, and only needs you in it to make it a home. I loved seeing the picutes and didn't skip over one!

Deb R said...

It's all looking Soooo good!

You and the kids look fabo too!

Gerrie said...

Love the green. I am trying to convince Steve to bag the beige in our dining room! Your kitchen tile looks similar to ours - it works well with the natural cabinets.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

What a fantastic picture of the three of you! That deserves to be printed and framed and sent to grandparents!

And the is a PALACE PLUS! Can't wait (although I expect you can't wait even more) to see it done!

Now, gotta run...a few more things to do before teaching my class tomorrow!

Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL the pictures - thanks for giving grandma a quick fix! The St. Pat's picture is darling!

Joanne S said...

Kaleidoscope Quiltathon today. I went over after lunch and put a large Sterlite tub of fabric on the table for a freebie and then chatted with friends---then home. Your name was mentioned. We miss you!