Friday, March 24, 2006

House Update

Since I suspect some of my family members skim over the quilting-technical-type-posts like I wrote yesterday, I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of the house and kids. And if you quilting technical types wish to skim past these, that's cool with me. Tune in tomorrow and I'll try to post something arty. Though, really... the house is pretty arty, don't you think?

The painted last week. This note was written right on the front door.

It's a temporary door, so I guess it makes a good message board. Translation: walls: wheat sheaf; ceilings: delicate white. We actually had to pay extra to have the ceilings painted a different color than the walls. Who knew?

Check out this arty picture of the base wood being clamped into shape for the stairway.

Don't those orange braces look cool all lined up on that curve?

I've got more pictures coming... if blogger cooperates. It seems my kids have been better at following directions lately than blogger. And that's saying A LOT!


Gerrie said...

You know I love the pics of the house. Aren't you getting really excited. I am so happy for you to have this wonderful new abode!!

Lauri said...

Just went through the house building project last's a lot of stress, isn't it? lol!

But, your house will be beautiful! When do you get to move in?

And never, ever, ever completely pack up and put away all of your winter clothing! Keep out a few basics. Here in TX, you will need them suddenly, without any warning at any given time of year. lol! My neighbor packed all of her stuff up last week, and was regretting that decision this morning when it was below freezing and she was climbing through the attic looking for turtlenecks and jackets for her kids! She's from Utah and not used to this. I told her she needs to talk to me before she makes any decisions based on weather here! lol!

Can't wait to see a picture of your finished project...the unfinished part looks beautiful!