Saturday, February 25, 2006

Engineer It!

The first stop on our drive to Texas was visiting my parents in western NY. Mom had read about a new exhibit at museum the science in Buffalo called "Engineer It." There were several stations where kids (and grown ups!) could try various tasks including bridge building, gears, pulleys, paper airplanes, etc. The station where you tried to build a five story tower that could withstand and earthquake -- the vibrating floor beneath the building station -- was very popular.

Benjamin and my dad and I built this arch nearly completely by ourselves. Benjamin ran about collecting the numbered pieces and passed them to Dad and me and we held up the sides.

Claire and Grandma and Jeff showed up just in time to add additional support. It was really fun.

We also went to see a college theater production of The Princess and The Pea. A riot!!! I just love these kinds of outings with the family. It's also so delightful to see other families out spending time doing interesting things together.


Jen said...

That looks like wonderful fun. You will discover all the great kid and family places in no time at all. Have fun settling in!Jen

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to many events like this in our future life in Portland. Of course, Mr C, the engineer, would have loved this exhibit!

Deb R said...

That sounds like such a fun day!!

Anonymous said...

Not knowing what an HTML tag is, I'll stick with the familiar. Deb, I just love your blogs. Your house is looking very big and beautiful--not surprising for a Dallas house. Love, A. Diane