Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Postcards...

I had a great time making this little series over the past week or so. I love laying out all the materials -- picking a few common elements like shape and/or fabric -- and then working with size, repetition and layering to create different, but related, pieces.

Green Row Houses

These are all made from hand dyed fabric that my mom did for me with one of Prochem's "30 fat eights kits." I asked her to dye some cheese cloth along with them and you'll see that used here also. It's fused with Wonder Under.

House of Leaves

I adore Melanie Tesla's use of negative shapes. I don't think I can link you to a specific piece of her work using this idea, but check out her blog and website and just peruse her amazing work. Those stitched outlines of the house shape are loosely inspired by this concept.

Lavendar Haze

I'm experimenting with different ways to finish the edges of my postcards. These all have fused bindings. I like the sturdy, clean edge this provides. But it's more work in some ways. That's ok, though. Nothing wrong with work for good results.

Speckled Neighborhood

I love doing the hand embroidery embellishments. It really adds so much. (And it's a great tv activity. And I'm not afraid to admit I love tv.) My best friend, Lucy, gave me a super book for my birthday. It's call Stitch Sampler and has more than 200 stitches with great pictures and directions. I mean really, doesn't everyone get tired of French knots and running stitch?

Writing on the Walls

You can probably barely see the square, green, translucent sequins in the foreground of this one. I think I'll mix in more beads and sequins in my next series. It takes careful planning though -- so it looks like all the elements come together rather than looking like I just went rooting through my bead stew for something that fit through the needle. (In reality, I do a bit of both.)

These are all for sale on Deborah's Art Blog.


Liz Plummer said...

These are great - I love the way you've layered that purple see-through fabric.

momma helen said...

Deborah- what a delightful series to do as you're in the midst of moving from one home to another. The home you did for us is one of the first things that gets hung each time we move. Delightful!

Anonymous said...

You are reaally into the series work. love all of these. The hand stitching adds to the wonderful folk art feel of these pieces. Are they on your for sale blg?

kathy said...

These pieces are wonderful!! You never cease to amaze me, not only with your beautiful ideas and the way they come together, but you always come up with the BEST TITLES!!

Lauri said...

These are so beautiful!
And blues, greens and purples are my favorite mix of colors to put together. Great work!

Miriam said...

lovem all!