Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Magazines and other stuff

Diane asked what we subscribe to. Here's my report.

Quilting Arts -- love it! But sometimes I want for a bit more depth and variety. I keep them and sometimes when I flip through old issues everything looks fresh again. Like when I discovered an article by our own Artful Quilter Blogger Rayna.

Also Cloth Paper Scissors by the folks who do QA. Always a joy to flip through, occasionally inspiring.

Somerset Studio. It takes me breath away when I see it in the mailbox. For artsy inspiration I think it has the most variety. The artist profiles are more interesting and obscure that QA and CPS. (Though I thought the profile of Judy Perez in the recent issue was very good.) It definetely has more pages than the above mags. Many would say it's very trendy and everything looks the same. I would agree. Like it anyway.

Newsweek. I got some great "student rate" when I was in college. I think it cost me about 25 cents an issue. Every time I get a renewal, it asks, "year of graduation" and I just put 1992 and they keep giving me the good rate. I figure I can't afford not to be informed about world events at the rate. (As if Newsweek is really the best place to get information... that's another topic.)

Family Fun. Another cheapo subscription that offers the occasional good idea, recipe, craft or vacation destination. (That's how I found Smuggler's Notch in Vermont which was our all time favorite family vacation spot.)

Real Simple. I used to like it more. It takes me about 20 minutes to read every word... at least that what it seems like. Good for cutting up to make collages.

I occasionally buy Better Homes and Gardens. It's not the kind of old-lady magazine I remember it as. Stunning homes, beautiful gardens.

I also give in to In Style at the grocery store occasionally.

I let my QNM lapse and don't miss it one bit. I also put about 11 years worth out for the recycle truck just a few weeks ago. Good riddance. More room on my shelves for new interests. Plus I can check it out from the library.

I also read Threads and FiberArts at the library.

At the gym I enjoy People, US Weekly and other "guilty pleasures."

I recently saw a copy of Mary Englebreit Home and loved it. It is so not the cutesy little paper dolls, ruffles and drippy sweetness that I expected. It's creative! Spirited! Colorful! Maybe I'll put it on my wish list.

Important Magazine Tip
I've heard you can get amazing rates for subscriptions on ebay. I've checked them out but never placed an order. Of course, it's just circulation houses trying to keep their numbers up. Most are for B list magazines. (Or C or D list...) but for a penny a year you can stock your mailbox. (If you've got nothing better to read.)

That Song List
I checked out the site that lists the top 100 songs from the year of my graduation. Guess which group made the most appearances on the top 100 with four songs: INXS! Of course, no wonder I'm so hooked on Rock Star. Believe me, I've got ice cream waiting in the freezer and warm jammies and slippers ready for tonight's finale. Will you be joining me?

More on TV
I watched "How I Met Your Mother" last night and thought it was quite clever. Love me some Doogie! We saw him starring in the west coast RENT many years ago. I'll definetely give this sit-com another shot next week. I could totally take or leave Survivor. I watched a bit and didn't really see or miss anything. How is that show still on and on and on? Looking forward to President Matt Santos and The Amazing Race family style.


Joanna Stein said...

Deborah I have recently discovered the many free magazine offers online. You just have to fill out the form, send it to your junk email address and whee free mags.

Free mags received this week:

Jimmy gave me a subscription to TIME. I read it at lunch cover to cover.

Debra Dixon said...

Gosh, I wish I could have come by and gotten your old QNM--they are good to cut up too, especially for notecards and envelope stickers made from the pictures of the quilts. Next time you can take them to a thrift store and they will probably sell there. I saw a gal at a local quilt show with a booth full of old issues and they were selling at a good pace. There are always new quilters.