Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Self Portrait In Progress

Here's my sketch. It's much more fleshed out in my head and I changed the color scheme a bit. I needed to "tighten my color palette." They always say that on Trading Spaces.

This is the beginning of the center piece -- a house with pictures of me in the "windows." I couldn't track down all the right pictures to represent all the points in my life. Oh well...

And then this will be the panel on the right. Have a mentioned my affinity for green and purple? Posted by Hello

I'm thinking of constructing the whole thing in sections. So I'd have several small quilts (using Melody's escape hatch method of finishing) then butting them up to each other and sewing them together. This would allow those spaces where I have the leaf shapes drawn to be completely open. I'd just butt the house to the two side panels and to a more substantial piece across the top. Plus, I think by constructing in sections, the quilting and embellishing will be more manageable.

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