Thursday, March 24, 2005

Benjamin's Birthday Party

I feel so lucky to have a little band of art quilters reading my blog. But there are lots of friends and family too. For them, I must post pictures from Benjamin's birthday party. After postponing twice, it turned out to be a great day.

Wow! My mom is a super fantastic cake decorator. She's also a super fantastic shopper to have found this cool t-shirt which fits both the theme and the age!

Here's me and Claire and Daddy with the cool goal they got me. It's says "goal!" when ever you kick the ball in the net.

We all wore soccer gear. Lots of my friends did too.

Dad rigged up the Dora pinata to fit the soccer theme since we couldn't find a soccer ball pinata with the pull strings. (Each kid takes a turn pulling a string and one opens the magic door and all the candy spills out. So much better than beating the thing with a stick which always takes forever and gets a bit dangerous. At least that's what my mom says.)

I am mezmorized by the flaming three.

That's what I'm talking about... licking the candle! Posted by Hello


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Benjamin! Wonderful pictures sharing the love of family with friends.

Sonji Hunt said...

Ah...SUPER FANTASTIC!!!! Benjamin looks so happy. You are all so cute.

Deborah, we are loosing our minds, you know...speaking the new language of the Manolo. It is contagious, this diction of the euro-trash. Sonji

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!! So glad it all finally came together and the little guy got to celebrate his special day!!