Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Metallic Thread Did Not Break Even One Time!

I got this wonderful hand painted and stamped fabric from my friend, Sonji, through a swap with a yahoo group. I love it so much, that I'm going to make a little satchel out of it. I just couldn't cut it up. So, I am going to FMQ the begeezus out of it, then stitch it up. I wanted to use some of the metallic sulky thread my mom gave me, but I'm usually not up for the challenge it takes to keep rethreading when it snaps. Not today! Complete success and I quilted nearly the entire length. (I would have finished, but I had to pick Benjamin up from school.) That's what I call the "garlic clove" pattern inspired by Robbi Ecklow. It sure is a great feeling to be successful and productive -- and love the stuff you're staring at. Posted by Hello

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Kathy said...

Deborah - I'm so glad that you are using some of the metalic thread I gave you - the piece looks beautiful! Mom