Thursday, April 20, 2017

This and That?

In my now twelve years of blogging, I've included personal news, thoughts about art, my own professional development and other items along the way. It feels sort of hodge podge... which is not the way blogs are anymore, really. Or are they?

With that in mind, a few personal updates...

We celebrated Benjamin's birthday.

A baby bunny appeared on our back porch and Lincoln really wanted to play.

I took a trip to North Park Center where they had a wonderful exhibition of portraits of artists taken by photographer Bruce Weber.

I especially liked this one of Andrew Wyeth... with my reflection.

There is so much wonderful art at NorthPark, but I found this collection of mannequins interesting too.

We tried out a new Thai ice cream place where the pour the base liquid on a super cold plate, spread it out, then roll it up and slide the rolls into a cup. Then add toppings. Can you see the rolls in this picture?

We haven't had a family portrait taken in several years... so we did that!

Here is an outtake I snapped with my camera.

Claire is racing to the end of her time in high school. We had two special events last week.

Her Academic Decathlon team was recognized at the school board meeting.

And she received a scholarship from the Daughters of the American Revolution.

My life is pretty full and I feel lucky. More art stuff soon.


Gene Black said...

I like the "this is what has been happening" posts. I do that sometimes on my blog. I should probably do more of it.
I hope Benjamin had a wonderful birthday. The family portrait came out great.

Gerrie said...

Love knowing what is happening in your family. Ben looks so grown up and you must be so proud of Claire. BTW - I received the DAR scholarship when I graduated 61 years ago!! Your family portrait is magical.

MJKasz said...

I love starting my creative day reading your blog! Nice to see your family in photos and hear of your adventures!