Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This and That Catching Up

I'm scrolling through photos from the past couple of weeks and thinking about how the days pass. There is something new in each day even if it seems like nothing notable or special.

Mom and I went to a new Thai restaurant. The decor was pretty cool. I loved these strips of cloth hanging from the ceiling. It feels festive.

Several boxes, bags and cans were displayed on shelves right out in the open. It's feels like a "show your work" moment, even in a restaraunt.

The food was only ok. Other than the soup, which was spectacular.

I'm was talking with quilt artist Dawn Allen and she shared her "leticular" quilts. I wasn't familiar with that word. Basically, it describes an image that looks different when viewed at different angles. Then I saw this label while shopping for Valentine's...

Surely I'm not the only person not familiar with this term. Would it make you want to buy the Valentine? Or would the cow lips scare you off anyway?

I took a workshop from Weeks Ringle a couple weeks ago. I loved her format of spreading quilts out on the floor and talking about the design and techniques in depth. It was informative, comfortable and really encouraged a lot of questions and conversation.

I taught my new Creativi-Tree Art Quilts workshop last week. Here are all the tree patterns spread out. (But I still encourage students to sketch their own trees.)

I love seeing students smiling like Donna here!

This ranch backs up to our neighborhood. We regularly loop past it on our walks. There are horses, cows, llamas and tons of birds of all shapes and sizes.

It's been sold to a developer who will build more houses. I'm sad.

One last snapshot... wood, leaves, stone.

This reminds me a bit of my 12x12 Shelter quilt, Cedar and Stone. I should return to this palette: green, brown, gray.


liniecat said...

Love the tree shapes for your workshop, wish I could get there to join in!
Not sure I'd like that cow card myself but then it's been so many years since anyone sent me a st Vals day card - I'd probably be totally grateful!!

liniecat said...

Oh and don't the ceiling ribbons look a little like Buddhist prayer flags? Wafting good wishes to those eating contentedly beneath?!