Thursday, February 04, 2016

Just a Few Snapshot from the Met

Remember I said I'd share pictures from our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? What a place!

Yes... I am now the shortest in my family.

I think of these big flower arrangements as one of the iconic Met things-to-see. I love this bare wintery display.

I didn't really take that many pictures. But we did spend a long time just sitting quietly in this beautiful alcove, the Moroccan Court.

The tile work, wood carvings and plaster carvings were all commissioned for this beautiful space. I especially enjoyed watching the videos about the process of creating the different elements and installing them in this space. Those three teenagers sitting on the bench were there before we arrived and after we left. Sometimes visiting a museum isn't about seeing lots of art in lots of galleries; it's just about being there.

I was intrigued by "Wordplay: Matthias Buchinger's Drawings." Matthias was born in 1674 with no hands and no feet and was only 29 inches tall. He created delicate, complex drawings made up of microscopic text. There were even magnifying glasses that you could use to examine the work.

That gallery spilled over to include several other examples of art including letters.

We strolled through the beautiful courtyard with this stunning overhead structure that reminded me of the courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery in DC.

I loved this two-part piece of work. It's Luis Urculo's Reconstructions #5. The large piece is a photograph of blocks and stacks composed in the studio. A handwritten key is displayed along side the photograph.

We wound our way to the back of the European Galleries to see several Vermeers. Of course, I think of Tim's Vermeer everytime I see one and I'm always looking for paintings that seem to be set in the same space as his painting. Like this one, maybe.

Like lots of museums, the Met gives out stickers as passes for the day. They had a big board of used stickers on the way out.

I'm seriously thinking about making a "key" for some of my work. Very interesting.

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Joanne S said...

Makes me wonder what a fabric piece might look like with fabric "stickers"?