Thursday, August 13, 2015

Boschert Family Happenings

Sweet Lincoln is my quiet studio companion!

Claire got her driver's license. As other parents of teenagers know, this is fabulous because it frees me up from driving her everywhere, but also terrifying since driving is such a complex and sometimes-unpredictable task.

Jeff and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner last week. After dinner we drove into downtown Dallas to go to a fancy chocolate shop I'd heard about. First, we strolled over the beautiful new walking bridge along side the stunning Hunt Bridge. My affection for the Texas flag is growing.

Here's Kate Weiser Chocolate. In fact, that's Kate on the right with her hand raised.

I chose three bonbons. Look how ridiculously beautiful they are!

They were exquisite. Please come visit so I have a good excuse to go back!


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Oh that chocolate looks divine! And what new found freedom with a daughter that drives!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

That chocolate alone could get me to Dallas! Then there's you which is even better!

Joanne S said...

Happy anniversary----
You always did have a weak spot for chocolate (smile)
I cannot believe Claire is old enough to drive. Cannot!!!

Vivien Zepf said...

Happy anniversary! And good luck being the parent of a teen driver!

Unknown said...

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