Monday, July 20, 2015

Museum High Jinx

We love the Dallas Museum of Art. Every month, they have a "late night" event with all kinds of special programming. It's always packed and full of such great energy.

I've seen this installation exhibit by Chosil Kil many times over the past several months. It's not my favorite, but I do love this picture of Benjamin and Jeff.
It's in an individual gallery within the museum -- it's own room. There is a guard that greets you as you go in and controls the number of people in the room. The first time I saw the exhibit she said, "Please be careful not to touch the artwork. And by artwork I mean everything, including the coins on the floor."

Last month, one of the special events was the DMAmazing Race. These bags include challenges and clues that each team had to complete.

Here's Team Boschert recreating a sculpture from the Asian gallery.

We actually won! The theme of the night was "Super Heroes" so our prize was this awesome bag of goodies.

We also walked through the exhibit "Between Action and the Unknown: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Montonaga" again. That's the beauty of visiting a museum regularly. You can look at things again and appreciate them in new ways.

I was struck by Montonaga's painting Treasure which is an abstraction of lights flickering in the distance on top of Mount Maya.

Just this past Friday we went to the July "Late Night" for their annual Murder Mystery event. Hundreds and hundreds of people waited in line to get clues for the challenge.  We wandered the museum and eventually found this outline of the dead body...

Oh No! Victory was murdered.

Then we wandered further through the galleries (with hundreds of other "investigators") to interrogate seven suspects (actors dressed as works of art and posing in front of their art works). Super fun!

I wish I had pictures of the actors dressed like their artworks because it's such an impressive concept, well written and designed, thoughtfully acted, intricate and exciting. But it was crazy crowded. 

The DMA is doing so many things to bring people into the museum and exposed to artwork. I'm already looking forward to our next visit.

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