Thursday, February 05, 2015

Snap Shots...

I have always wanted to try an Asian sandwich on steamed buns. After our local SAQA meeting, a bunch of artists gathered for lunch at Tanoshii Ramen

I'm not a huge fan of ramen, so I was happy to take my chance to order steamed buns! I got the spicy chicken with cucumber and cilantro. Yum. I am so accustomed to crusty bread with a toasty color that these buns feel unusual, but I liked them very much!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Part of the celebration included these delicious ice cream sandwiches!

We also went for a birthday hike at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. Claire and Benjamin stopped to squeeze into a chair together.

Self portrait in shadow.

One of the things I got for my birthday was this wonderful box of bath goodies from Soaptopia.
Last year, I ordered myself a subscription for a "soap of the month" from Swamp Angel on Etsy. It was awesome and I was eager to resubscribe, but she no longer offers the subscription. So, I went looking for another soap-of-the-month program and I discovered Soaptopia. Then I sent the link to my husband and he "surprised" me! But he really did surprise me with the bath goodies!

It was a great birthday! I think 2015 is going to rock!

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Laceflower said...

Happy Birthday, and doesn't everyone go on a Bday Hike!