Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Palm Of My Hand Art Quilt Workshop

I am thrilled to announce a new workshop! Palm of My Hand Art Quilt Workshop! Here's the workshop sample.

What will students learn and do in this new workshop?!

  • Construct a fused composition loosely based on a landscape.
  • Work with fused fabrics.
  • Create and use simple patterns.
  • Identify and explore designs for personal symbols.
  • Create a coordinating pair of art quilts.
  • Plan stitching designs.
  • Finish edges with fused binding.
  • Have fun and celebrate the creative spirit!

Plus, I'm going to share a little mini-presentation about personal symbols used in all kinds of art. 

I'll have an options for a supply list or a kit. It's pretty simple... just five fabrics plus a stripe. (I'm loving stripes lately!)

After composition and construction, we'll talk about all the wonderful things you can do with floss and hand embroidery.

I'd love to bring this workshop to your guild or even a small group of creative people who are eager to make art with fabric. Email me so we can talk about possibilities.

So, what does a spoon and a bowl symbolize to me? It's about nourishment. Sometimes just a plain sip of broth is enough to provide energy and clarity to see the possibilities around me.


Rachel Parris said...

I love this! When and where? 😉

mumbird3 said...

Very nice - I was looking at an old pair of gloves and thinking of using them