Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Soup!

I am enjoying the "10 Soup" project so much! Here is Soup #3 which we had on Friday evening when Kristin La Flamme was visiting. This is the Mushroom Barley Soup and we served it with Cheddar Bacon scones.

Kristin reported that the rest of her family doesn't like soup, so I was happy to give her the opportunity to enjoy a food that's a staple in our family, especially in the winter. (Who doesn't like soup?!)

I've never cooked with barley, so I'm continuing to add new things to my cooking skills and tool box.

Here is the magazine image. As you can tell, I'm no food stylist and my lighting was awful -- but this is more about the soup than the picture!
It was delicious! I chose my mushrooms carefully because I wanted it to feel meaty and have a rich taste. I picked Organic Baby Bellas and they were perfect. I'm not a vegetarian and I'll admit that I thought I might miss the meat, but I didn't at all. The mushrooms and the barley really gave it a lot of body. The soup would even qualify as vegan, I believe.

If I was looked for an excuse to use the work "umami" in my blog, this is the perfect time!

The scones were great too.

So far, the three soups I've made have been really good. I'd even make them again. I wonder how the other seven will turn out. Stay tuned.


Del said...

The picture would, of course, be better if the bowl was white, as in the magazine image! But the soup looks and sounds delicious.

Joanne S said...

I think the photo stylist is using the saturation button. Everything is getting a real "golden" glow. Almost like they have added tomato to the broth.

I like mushrooms and I like barley (just found that out) so I think I will be making this. I think browning the sliced mushrooms in a pan before adding to the soup will be a nice touch.

Treasures by Louise said...

I would love to make this soup, too! If you saute your carrots and any other veggies before adding to the broth, you get a richer taste, and some of that beautiful color from the carrots will color the saute oil. That will add a golden glow, too!

Terry Grant said...

Mmmmmmm. That looks delicious! And the scones sound super good. Gotta try both of these. We are big time soup eaters in the winter.

Kristin L said...

It WAS delicious, and the photo doesn't do justice to it. I think the veggies were browned -- they certainly looked and tasted like it in real life. I snagged a photo of the recipe while there so I can use it when I have soup eaters visiting (particularly my vegan ones).