Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Art Quilts with STITCHED

STITCHED workshops are still going strong! In fact, Alma Stoller is adding a brand new full video workshop soon!

It's called SoulCraft Art Quilt. Here's Alma's beautiful workshop sample.

STITCHED is an online collection of video workshops by lots of fabulous fiber artists. There are now 22 full video workshops along with pdf downloads plus interactive student message boards and photo galleries. This amazing project has been running since the beginning on 2012 and will be up through the end of the year.

Registration is only $40 and that gets you full access to everything! Seriously, the amount of content for that price is unbeatable. Plus, it's so great to have access to everything right on your computer anytime you want it. If you register now, you'll have all of September, October, November and December to peruse, watch, create, ask questions, post photos, learn and get inspired! Imagine the holiday gifts you could make!

I am especially excited about Alma's new workshop because I think it's such a nice complement to my workshop Branches, Bud and Blossoms: A Botanical Fabric Collage. Here's my workshop sample.

Alma and I both love hand stitching, combining original and commercial fabrics, texture and personal symbols. We touch on all these techniques in our workshops. Isn't it interesting how such similar techniques can be used to create small art quilts that are entirely different from each other?

Check out the full list of workshops here. If you're thinking of registering, my advice is to just dive in! Don't wait. You want as much time as possible to absorb all the creative potential.

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