Monday, December 05, 2011

Stitching with Melly

Melly is working on an amazing project she is calling her Rockstar Boro Jacket. She's blogging every day during December and inviting others to work on similar projects and share their ideas and stitching.

I love to stitch... so I could certainly add a little lap project to my pile. In the spirit of "boro," using reclaimed fabric to repair and/or create something new, I chose to begin with this polo shirt. My husband bought it earlier this year and loved it. He's picky about color, fit, length, shape, style, etc and this shirt fit all his requirements. Then it got splattered with some kind of grease. He tried to clean it -- he's usually very adept at laundry and the like. But, he had no luck. In fact, it actually got bleached out in a spot. You can see the offensive area to the right of the buttons.
He was really bummed. Seriously. There was a bit of moaning and groaning when he shuffled through the remaining shirts in our closet. Knowing the powers of e-commerce, I was able to find one online and ordered it straight-away. It came a few days later and we was quite surprised and pleased. Just simple, right? Order a new shirt. But, it was a sweet little series of events that tells a story about how well we know each other and how simple it can be to make each other happy.

So rather than just throw away the stained shirt, I put it in my stash of unexpected fabrics to use in fabric collage, or whatever. Then Melly's boro project came along. The shirt seemed perfect. I've been lusting after interesting hand-made, upcycled and re-fashioned scarves lately. So, I am creating something scarf-like. I began by cutting the shirt into strips about 7 inches wide then I put them right-sides together and started stitching.
I'm thinking the scarf needs those two layers for some body. Other than that, I don't have any plans really. I'll need to add more than just the fabric from the polo shirt to get to a reasonable length. But for now, just stitching the pieces together. I'm not sure I'll stitch or blog every day during December. I'm not even sure I'll finish the scarf before winter has come and gone. But, that's not really the point, right?

Oh... and I didn't cut away the stained area. It will make the scarf more interesting.


Unknown said...

Good luck! It will be fun to see how it winds up looking!

Kristin L said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. As the recipient of one of your handmade scarves, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

I think this will be an interesting scarf! looking forward to your progress and Melly's

Linda Strowbridge said...

You just gave me a good idea. I had seen Melanie's posts about the 'boro' project and thought it was nifty. But your shirt-to-scarf project triggered a thought about salvaging a damaged shirt in my house (imagine a pen banging around in a load of laundry ... and a dryer cycle). Thanks Deborah!

Melly Testa said...

As you may already know, I love refashioning my husbands' shirts and they too come with stains and holes. Sometimes I will remove a pocket and the cloth is so old and worn that the cloth underneath the pocket is much darker. David wears his clothing until it is falling off of him, so it is very comfortable and worn in by the time it comes to me. I love this. So glad you are playing along and thank you for tooting on facebook! I really want to re-enter our creative world. Thanks.

Jeannie said...

Fabulous idea! It is funny how attatched we become to favorite garments. I have some that are comfort clothing and C wears his until even he is embarrassed to be out in public in them. I really like your idea for the scarf and look forward to seeing the progress.

Joanne S said...

One of the customers last week had on a scarf--just a yard plus of jersey in a grey and gold stripe. I wanted that scarf. Old Navy. I went, and no scarves.

I wish I had a good stripe tee to cut into a scarf. Seven inches wide you say? I did find a grey and gold stripe turtle neck at Reny's but I'll wear it as is and not cut it up this year. LOL Used to be dots made me smile--now it's stripes. But from the blogs--I can see stripes are the new "dots".