Friday, May 13, 2011


With so many members of our family in one place for Kristofer's baptism in Phoenix last month, my parents decided to hire a professional photographer to document the event and take some portraits. We are all delighted with the results!
I posted a request for recommendations on Facebook and someone suggested Stacy Kokes. I browsed through her photo galleries and fell in love with her style and way of telling a story though pictures. She was perfect for our family and our event.

This is one of my favorites from the day! How cute is he?!

More cuteness!

I really love this one too. A great portrait of our sweet foursome.My parents were thrilled to spend such a fun weekend with their THREE grands.
We have lots of snapshots too, but sometimes the eye, the light, the style and the clarity of a professional is very much appreciated! Thanks Stacy and thanks Mom and Dad!


diane said...

Those are such wonderful photos. It was a great idea to have a photographer come. My favorite photo is of your family and the way your daughter looped her arm through her dad's. You have a beautiful family.

Lucy said...

These are just stunning pictures!! I love them all!