Monday, March 07, 2011


Here's another in-progress shot of the quilt I am working on for the "the space between" exhibit. I don't usually create art quilts that are so directly inspired by my surroundings. Then I found myself making a quilt about my back yard. This is rather a surprise to me.

When I needed to add a bit of detail to one area, I decided to stitch a cardinal over the sheer tree shapes.

I really do enjoy watching the birds in our yard. There are more robins this week than there were last week. Surely this means spring is coming. I decided not to stitch a squirrel onto the quilt, though I enjoy them as much as the birds, for sure. I thought it might make it seem like a quilt full of "woodland creatures." That's not really the vibe I'm going for.

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kathy said...

unfortunately we do not share the same feeling about squirrels...I have 8 in my yard, trying, but failing to get into my bird feeder. But I love the cardinal, very nice stitching job!