Monday, April 19, 2010


Last week, a bunch of neighborhood friends and I visited a couple of museums and a great restaurant in Fort Worth.

Our first stop was The Modern to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. No photos allowed in the special exhibit. It was very interesting. It really made me think about art, artists, patrons and the journey of an artist. I was particularly interested in his religious works. I wonder what he was really really thinking as he screen printed Jesus' face 112 times. It seemed quite meditative.

This gallery is a collection of Sean Scully works. Very quilt like. Sometimes I think I'd like to explore spare linear compositions.

I loved this sculpture in its intimate concrete alcove.
It's by Anselm Keifer and is titled "Book with Wings."

This interactive sculpture outside The Modern is great for noise making and echo-creating.

Lines... grid... texture...
We skipped across the street to the Kimbell Art Museum for a quick spin through their main gallery. I also stepped out into this tiny courtyard with a sculpture and fountain.
Self portrait in courtyard.
We had lunch at Ellerbe Fine Foods which has received excellent reviews. It's in a refurnished gas station. I liked it very much, but don't need to go back.

A day with friends, art, food, lovely spring weather... divine!


Kristin L said...

Sounds wonderful.

Diane Doran said...

My kids love to go into that interactive sculpture when we visit my SIL in Ft. Worth. Sounds like a wonderful day.

Terry Grant said...

So inspiring. I love a good day of art almost more than anything I can think of!