Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This and That Family Stuff

I've got tons of pictures piling up in my iPhoto files. It's a bit overwhelming... but I'm not thinking about it too much. I've grabbed just a few updates to post.

For a school assignment, Benjamin made a diorama representing a store that provided either a good or a service. He chose Chili's (which we love).
Benjamin had a birthday recently. He requested a fondue dinner -- cheese appetizer, meat cooked in broth entree and chocolate dessert. We had eight little brownies with candles!
Earlier in the week, on his actual birthday, he enjoyed this fancy sundae! That big smile is his reaction to the re-lighting candle!
Benjamin also competed in a spelling bee recently. It was a great event.
Of course, Claire is busy too! She had a piece of art in the school district art show. Her piece is the yellowish one way above her head. It was her submission for the yearbook cover art. She really has great drawing skills!
This week is spring break, so yesterday we went letterboxing. I found a series of four boxes in near-by Denton called "Fab Four." We went to three locations, searched diligently and succeeded in finding all of them! Claire stopped to pick dandelions along the way.


Gerrie said...

Benjamin always makes me smile!! Such a free spirit. Claire is a very talented girl - love the artwork.

kathy said...

love the new banner! Looks just like you...and is Benjamin really 8 already??? Seems like he was just 4!

Connie Akers said...

Happy Birthday to Benjamin and congrats on finding all the boxes. Have a good rest of the week with your great kids.