Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had so much fun painting with my artist friends a couple of weeks ago. I blogged our paint-covered hands here. We worked on some large canvases that we plan to cut up and distribute to each artist. What will each of us do then?! We'll see.

I also did a few smallish canvases. I gave them to Jeff for our 17th anniversary last month. Here they are hanging in our bedroom.

I've been looking for something to coordinate with that quilt for years. It's called Blended Morn and was made in early 2005. I like the asymmetry of the hangings and the mix of media.

I have been inspired by paintings by Kelly Rae and Donna Downey lately. Clearly, I took some ideas from them.

What to do with those stacks of tiny wallet portraits from the school picture package? Collage and paint them.
I just might do more painting.


Fran├žoise said...

This is cute! And it's a good idea.
I've got hundreds of small portrait photos like these...

Kristin L said...

I second teh nice use of school pics -- especially since we got ours just a few days ago. :-)

Dawn said...

My kids are grown but I still have a box full of those tiny pictures. What a great idea! This is why I love your blog....I always come away inspired. Thanks.

Deborah OHare said...

What a great idea for those small pics. Love your work.

Ruthie Powers said...

Like, is everyone starting to love paint? I have to confess a former fear of paint until a week or so ago when I chose paint as my medium for a demo at Jerry's Artarama. My little crowd cheered me on. They were already versed in paint. I say, keep painting, Deborah. They are great!