Monday, July 20, 2009


We had an amazing adventure in the Antigua Rainforest.
Our tour included 9 zip lines through the rainforest. We got all our gear and hiked over bridges, up stairs and through various trails to the first platform. The rangers reminded us all the safety stuff and sent us off...

Can you tell I was a bit anxious? This is the second picture. In the first picture, my eye brows were all crinkled up in worry. Claire was very anxious. She was in tears on the platform. She was getting all kinds of fear signals from her brain -- understandably. One of the rangers went with her on the first two zip lines and after that she was fine.Benjamin was not anxious for one second. He loved it!
Jeff even flipped upside down on one of the later zip lines. It was so beautiful, green, dense and wild. We heard birds and bugs and enjoyed it so very much. Even Claire was upset when we realized we were about to take in the last zip line.

Cameras are not allowed on the zip line tour. You really must have two hands to help with balance and breaking. The owner said that even if you have a camera in your pocket, their insurance just can't take the risk. I guess I can understand that. But... they are happy to sell you digital images that they take for you. (Of course, they are.) We thought that picture of Benjamin was so awesome we had to buy it. Then if you get one of Benjamin you have to get one of Claire... and if you're buying pix of the kids then...

After the zipline tour, we visited the Antigua Human Society Donkey Sanctuary. We read about this in the tour magazine we found in our hotel room. I am so glad we discovered it. Claire enjoyed it so much.

She loves animals and it's very interesting to hear about how people help animals in different situations and in different parts of the world. Antigua was full of sugar cane plantations years ago. When these plantations became inactive, the donkeys that worked the farms were left to run wild. There are hundreds of donkeys running wild on the island. The sanctuary boards more than 80 donkeys. When we were there, we saw baby donkey that had just been introduced to the main pen. She had been found on the side of the road with her mother no where to be found.

We made a donation and got to "adopt" a donkey named Dante.

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