Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been reading Manolo's Shoe Blog on and off for years. It's witty and focuses on things of beauty (in this case: shoes). It's a guilty pleasure. Every Wednesday Manolo posts a collection of pictures of shoes worn by some famous person. Then readers guess who it is. "Whose Shoes Wednesday." Guess who was the only correct guesser last week?! Here are the original pictures and here is the answer.

While I'm admitting guilty pleasures, I also love ProjectRunGay, especially the critiques of Michelle Obama's clothes.


Kristin L said...

Um, what can I say? I certainly couldn't have pulled that one out! :-)

Terry Grant said...

I also love Manolo and I look at the Whose Shoes feature every week and think, "pshhh--who in the world would know that from those little pictures?" Now I know who! Are you a big fan of Christina Ricci or was it a wild guess?

Joanna Stein said...


Anonymous said...

How in the world would anyone know this? OK, so it's you! I didn't know you had a "thing" about shoes! Is there a prize? mom

kathy said...

I think a new pair of shoes would be appropriate...loyal fan and all

mathea said...

Thank you for that link to ProjectRunGay. Michelle Obama is a lovely First Lady and all, but I must admit I laughed out loud to the remark about her having had a scrapbooking accident... (Shelly O-MYHGODNO!).

Unknown said...

Hello to the Deborah!

Many thanks for your most kind words about the Manolo and his humble shoe blog, and congratulations on your Whose Shoes Wednesday triumph!

To the Manolo, one of the most amazing things about the Whose Shoes Wednesday is how the Manolo's internet friends always eventually guess the celebrity. Indeed, only once in the past two years of WWW have the internet friends not identified the person.

This suggests the impressive knowledge of celebrity shoes among the readership of the Manolo's Shoe Blog, which, the Manolo supposes, is sort of to be expected.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. You are indeed super fantastic!